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Becoming an independent recruiter was the best crisis I ever had!

What I will cover in my posts. Follow me today!

  • Do you have what it takes to be independent?
  • Where do you start?
  • What name do I use?
  • How to create a website?
  • Should I use an ATS system?
  • Does being independent mean really… being alone?
  • How do incorporate?
  • What kind of phone should I set up?
  • What about international calls?
  • What kind of tools do I need?
  • Should I use a backup system?
  • What about training?
  • What about accounting and invoices?
  • What social media sites should I use?
  • How to create successful partnerships with other recruiters
  • Ongoing tips and news from the front line.

Are you a recruiter secretly wishing you could become independent?

Becoming independent has so much to offer.

I became an independent recruiter in 2002. It was a time of crisis and joy. I had just moved to Atlanta to be closer to the corporate office where I could learn from the best of the best recruiters. I was hard at work, living 20 minutes from the office and loving it. I was really “drinking the Koolaid”! I loved where I worked I was very studious and I felt I had made the best decision of my life moving to Atlanta from Houston without knowing anyone.

Three months into my move I quite suddenly met my soon to be husband. He lived outside of Atlanta. As a bird flys it was only 57 miles… but I was soon to find out in Atlanta traffic that bird was ONE luck bird because the rest of us were doomed to traffic hell. I was driving 1.5 hours to sometimes 2.5 hours each way just to get to the office. That is a lot of time behind the wheel.

I was still a trooper though and tried it for 6 months. Then I got REAL. This was NOT going to work. It was my job OR my soon to be husband. This was a leap off a long dark cliff and I didn’t know what was at the bottom.

Fast forward to 2020 and it was the single best CRISIS I’ve ever had.

Now I would NOT change a thing. I’m happy, successful and I live a life of flexibility. Its not without stress but I’m here to help you navigate and learn from my years as a SUCCESSFUL independent recruiter.

Now lets get started.

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